Prince Andrew School

Prince Andrew School PT

Prince Andrew School can be found on Francis Plain and was opened officially on 5 June 1989 by MP Mark Taylor. It is the only secondary/sixth form school on St Helena, with students on roll from Yr 7 through to Yr 13.

The curriculum broadly follows the UK National Curriculum, with local links where applicable.  At KS4 and KS5; GCSE and A level, we follow the specifications as set by UK examination boards where we are able to choose the subjects most suited to our needs on St Helena.  At this level, our curriculum is also integrated with some online learning in specific areas which cannot be taught on-Island.

Our teaching staff is a mix of locally qualified staff with a small number of Technical Cooperation staff who are contracted from outside St Helena.

Our Vision

At Prince Andrew School, we aspire to ensure that all our students achieve their full potential academically, personally and socially. We inspire our students to rise to the challenge of the modern world so they become responsible global citizens who have respect for themselves and for each other.

The values of Prince Andrew School can be summed up in the acronym ACE: Achievement, Commitment & Excellence and can be found in our Charter of Core Values. This acronym and the nine Core Values underpin everything we do at Prince Andrew School and stands for everything we strive to become.

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